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Christmas song parodies ->  12 days of Tumblr


Time to start engaging on Tumblr more. People can’t drive me mad by helicoptering in to give their rotten opinions on Tumblr. Communication by resharing… it’s quite different from other social networks, isn’t it?

Plus, the whole auxiliary Tumblrs through one account thing… I quite like it. I’m Doing Things with it, yes indeed.

Hello. Feel free to pass me around and make me feel cheap.

I’m baaaaaaack

Been off of Tumblr for a while; decided I’d like a place where I can share stuff that would otherwise invite conversation I don’t care about having.  Just FYI take-it-or-leave-it stuff.  Political stuff, yes, but not just that.  Point being, sometimes the social network is more social than I care for.

And then I remembered: Tumblr doesn’t generally even like doing replies (although I recognize it has some facility for it — which I’ve turned off.)

So we’ll see how that goes.